Sugar is part of our survival, it gives us energy and an edge, and helps us store fat.  Never in history have we had so much access to it and even though our production mechanisms have adapted to make it so readily available in pure form and given top billing in so many processed foods in hopes of increased sales, our human bodies are not adapted to the toxic overloads that are at our fingertips, morning, noon and night.

Excess sugar consumption leads to inflammation, hormone imbalances, diabetes, heart disease, malnutrition and it also primes the body for disease and cancer, not to mention colds and flu.  How much is too much? Most of us know.  You generally have a reverse of energy, which initially you have with some small sweet or piece of fruit.

So we try to rid ourselves of it.  We go on a detox.  Are we cured when we are done?  Not if we go right back to unexamined habits and gradually over-consume it on a regular basis. The body can handle a certain amount of it depending on the activity level and the health level of the person.

It is not just a new way of thinking we need, but of including the other of our five tastes into our diet.  Most of us have no problem with sweet, salty, sour and umami, but we do have a problem with bitter, unless of course it’s chocolate.  Since the best form of chocolate is dark, those of us who do not like it, are loosing out on the only form of bitter that might work for us.  This is a sign that we need to include this age-old, balancing to the body, flavor, in our everyday diet.  Without it, we will have problems with digestion, absorption, blood sugar and the last part of the leg: diabetes.  I have a recipe section including bitters.  So good! The two recipes that are up are Curly Endive Warm Salad and Dandelion and Parsnip Soup.

Join me, as we learn together how to balance our bodies and truly Feast and Thrive.

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