Flu, Cold and Cancer Proofing

With all of the controversy about what to do with flu and cold season, some of us already have a game plan that works for us. Feel free to share yours below in the comment section. I will share you mine. I have not had the flu or a cold since doing this for the past two years and am in the process of eliminating thyroid nodules and soon to get off of my thyroid meds of which doctors have told me that this is impossible. But when you give the body what it needs, it heals.

  1. Start the iodine protocol. It is antiviral, antiparasitic, antimicrobial, antifungal, as well as anticancer. Studies with Drs. Abraham, Flechas, Sircus and Brownstein, show that upwards of 95% of their patients over a 20 year period revealed initial iodine deficiencies and the need for continued high dose iodine supplementation. Condition indicators are any type of autoimmunity, thyroid issues of which are epidemic, persistent fungus, candida, rashes, cistic conditions and cancers. Most of us have a deficiency today due to the fact that there are so many acceptable toxins that our bodies readily latch onto that are legal according to the FDA. Those toxins make iodine you might get in your food source (if you eat fish, seaweeds and certain vegetables on a regular copious weekly basis) to have to vie for it’s spots in every cell of your body, instead having the toxins take its place. High dose iodine is needed to displace them, along with the protocol to whisk out the dislodged toxins quickly through the liver and kidneys. Contrary to standard of protocol medical practice, the body needs iodine and does not have enough with the current toxic environments in construction, manufacturing, non organic farming, medicine and the recommended dosage of 150 mcg might have worked in the early 20th century, even the more generous timid dose of 220 mcg can’t cut the mustard and begin any type of toxin removal of the big guns of heavy metals that are injected into us and chemicals from modern products and continued “fortifying of the waters with fluoride” which weakens our bones, teeth and thyroid function. The iodine protocol with its cofactors is enough to break up and eliminate these toxins which are actually antinutrients and lessen our health. The most difficult thing about the protocol is the detox effect, which is quickly dealt with by unprocessed salt loading and the cofactors within minutes of feeling them.
  2. The iodine protocol with its cofactors alone is enough to keep one healthy. The following items assist this process, but just doing the iodine protocol is a huge boost to one’s health and should be started first. I will go into more detail about the following in another article. Some of the following is self explanatory, the others you can research, but don’t let it stop you from embarking on the iodine protocol.
  3. Elderberry Syrup is the queen here. It is very effective to prevent and cure colds and flu. Simple recipe is with 2/3C dried elderberries simmered in 4C of water for about 45 minutes, then allow to cool. Next add 1C of raw unfiltered honey, blend evenly and then store in an airtight bottle of 32 oz. or more. Take a Tablespoon a day for 5 days and two days off per week as a preventative and take as often as needed if you are coming down with an illness, although at any sign of an illness, I up my iodine dose and the next day, I do not notice any symptoms.
  4. Whole Food Liposomal Vitamin C and boron.
  5. Vitamin D supplementation with foods, sunshine and or UVB lights.
  6. Yellow Flowers Sulfur (similar but superior to MSM).
  7. A regular exercise program that makes you sweat and strengthen with body weight moves or weights.
  8. Adrenal Cocktail-of 4 oz. coconut water, 1 T liposomal whole food C, 1 t bee pollen, 1/4 t celtic salt, 1t raw unfiltered honey—instead of reaching for chocolate, reach for this cocktail as you will have energy and focus. If you need to have it more than once, it is ok. It is about giving your body nutrients so it can heal. The iodine protocol can cause times of adrenal challenges during healing and this is a tremendous boost.
  9. Detox foot or whole body detox baths with dead sea salts, borax, baking soda and bentonite clay
  10. Liver and Kidney Flushes on a regular basis. This will be a separate post.
  11. Regular parasite detoxing with something as simple as diatomaceous earth and plenty of water. Start with a teaspoon in the morning and another in the evening. This is a physical treatment that actually pierces and cuts up the parasites while it cleans the digestive tract.

A simple flu shot is not as effective as changing your lifestyle to include the above, even though it seems simpler, there are so many other factors to staying healthy that aren’t addressed by a simple vaccination. Do you want to stay out of the doctor’s office? Because there are many who visit said offices who have all their vaccinations, who are iodine deficient still and besides the colds and flu may find themselves with some form of cancer due to the iodine deficiency in the first place, which again, is not addressed by the AMA except in rare cases as in the detailed study mentioned above.

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