Even though all of us are different, everyone’s genes benefit from whole food nutrition from the start. Supplements cannot rival whole foods, even though they may be needed to assist a body that is deficient due to a less than optimum diet.  Fresh, seasonal ingredients form the solid base for long term health.

Since whole foods are needed to maintain a healthy body and reverse disease conditions, the idea of feasting on food brimming in micronutrients, will minimize your craving loops, reverse health conditions,  and  leave more energy to thrive.  Even though there are many approaches and much info about dealing with disease and wellness, when the basis for food intake is whole foods, most people feel better, minimize the doctor sick visits, and have that zest for life.

The flavor of healthfully prepared whole foods ranks exponentially higher than those created with processed ingredients.  If you are a home cook, then you are among the advantaged population, and if not, I believe in simple ways to get started that will rival fast food pick up and delivery and put you in charge of your health. Part of it is preparation and the other part is having a few necessary tools to help get your meal on the table quickly with the least complication.


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